wkiskizt: workaholic?

it seems that I’m becoming one. last night I was exhausted and went to bed about 9:30 or so. I had planned to get up at a decent hour this morning (read: before noon), but when the alarm went off at 8:30 it was still too early. however, just as I was about to die or be seriously maimed in my dream — the tires on my car exploded while I was on the freeway and I knew it couldn’t go well after that — mick jr called and woke me up. he and mick sr were in the office, and got the note I left for jr about not finishing things up for monday. so he wanted me to come in. yep, that’s right, I went in to the office at 9:30 this morning and stayed until 1:30. it wasn’t fun. well, ok, I did get to listen to country, loud enough to drown out the music sr was playing in his office. (why does he have a backstreet boys cd?)

went to the grocery store and out for a drive. the new car enjoyed it very much. but no letter from jarom, still.

so apparently shelli called ryan the other day, maybe it was yesterday, just to see how he was. weird, weird. I seem to recall her writing once that…where’d it go…ah, here: “I had to have no contact or more than friendship.” so why keep doing this to herself, and to ryan? who does it help? it’s just making ryan go on again about how all women are succubi. ok, so maybe that isn’t why he’s on that again, but I doubt it makes him believe it any less.

my parents are in monterey this weekend. if kendy is still sick tomorrow, guess what I’m going to do? …go to rockville branch! for sacrament meeting, at least. I dunno if I’d stay for sunday school, and definitely not for rs. but the first hour, sure. who’s impressed?

oh yeah. my total hours at work this week: 52.5. that’s 8 hours of overtime plus 4.5 of double-time. money money money! except the company isn’t really in a position to be paying me extra. well, they asked me to get this done, and it took more than just 8-hr workdays. all I can do now is shrug, and accept (gladly) the paycheck. if enough gets finished I may be able to take friday off, or even thursday and friday. do you know what that means? I could take a trip! unfortunately I think this may be the weekend ryan goes on his hike with his brothers (and brothers-in-law). otherwise — assuming I get new tires by then — I’d totally drive out to utah for the weekend. good times…


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