and so it goes

this morning I woke up late, exhausted, sore, and…happy. that’s right. I woke up happy. hallelujah!

the interesting thing is that the dream I was having right before I woke up was about jarom. he had just gotten back from his mission and I saw him for the first time. I was really nervous, not sure if I was supposed to shake his hand or keep a “respectful” distance between us or what. we were at armijo, go figure. anyhow, when he was leaving he came over and gave me a hug. it must have been like a mikahug because it was frickin’ awesome. felt absolutely wonderful, and made me feel wonderful. it said a lot. and when I woke up I missed him, not in a lonesome way but in an I’m-glad-he’s-coming-home way. what the? yeah. fickle, that’s me. well, if nothing else, it will be enjoyable to get to know him again. and play the question game. mwahaha.

sorry to say that pscu is not quite finished. the final qc actually got done fairly early this morning — maybe 8:30 — but I was working on fixing the stuff from deliveries 01 and 02, so it wasn’t until after lunch that I sat down with the final qc notes. man oh man. crazy stuff. I didn’t keep very good track of where I put each set of images — I had it all in my head, but not on paper — and the qc people made their spreadsheets much differently than I would have. they put the filename, location, and issue. except half of the files didn’t get a location put with them, and the others said something like “f:\delivery 03”. yeah, every computer in our office has an f drive. thanks. so by the time I got all the rescans sorted and logged and pulled out for delivery 03, it was 3:30. fabulous. most people left at noon, so as to not get a lot of overtime; irma stayed until 2:30, but after that it was just me. trying to get this stupid stuff ready for monday. mick jr is going back down to do rescans and the third delivery; I wanted to give him a full list of rescans, but I may not be able to finish it in time. since I still have to do the loader filee for the delivery. we’ll see. however, before much longer, the project will be completed. honest.

my neck has been killing me lately. I don’t know if I sit at my desk weird or what, but the muscles are incredibly sore, and my shoulders feel like rocks. I really need a masseuse.

we went to my grandma’s this evening for a family get-together. my uncle bill, aunt kathy, cousin andy and his wife megan were visiting from southern california. that meant all of my mom’s family (minus her dad…) was together, which I don’t think has happened since andy’s wedding about 7 years ago. it was quite fun. brian and amy and the kids all came too, and since kendy wasn’t there (been sick all week) I was the one the girls wanted to play with. david has started walking now. that boy is so adorable.

on the drive up I thought a bit about the jarom situation, as my feelings seem to be changing again. I’ve kind of decided to play my cards à la billy joel: “…so I will share this room with you, and you can have this heart to break.” I just need to know what lies ahead for us. if I don’t give us a chance I may always wonder.

now I’m putting a heat pack on my neck and going to bed. so tired, so tired. tomorrow I’ll clean gabriel up as much as I can within my means, and get the new car put on my insurance. also wash the dishes and clean my room. but otherwise?…no plans. glorious!


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