Evan on Zombies

Hopefully, this will become a weekly feature of the blog.  This week, Professor Evan expounds on the origins of zombies.  Perhaps even more interestingly, he explains what happens to the zombies after they die.

8 Comments on “Evan on Zombies”

  1. Nicole says:

    I had no clue about the People->Zombie->Witch->Giant GIANT Hippo who eats people->Mean Bears->turtle(?) cycle. I feel so naive.

  2. Steady says:

    Evan is a genius.

  3. reneecgirl says:

    Why are all the animals so giant and so mean?! He’s so cute. I’d just sit and listen to him all day.

    • Jarom says:

      When he is like this, I love to listen to him! I don’t know why the animals are all so mean. A couple weeks ago, it was a wolf-bat-coyote that was as big as a house and only ate fruit (he had just learned about fruit bats). Right now, he’s on this kick where animals slay each other. And yes, he does use the word “slay.”

  4. Always knew hippos were evil. Henry wants me to ask you to ask Evan if there are zombie sheep.

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