Today Jarom is taking the day off. We dropped the kids off with his parents last night after he got off work, then stayed in a hotel in Salt Lake. I’ve been in desperate need of a vacation, even a mini one. So we’re off to explore antique shops, go see a movie (maybe The Hobbit?), and enjoy some time together sans kids. Our joint resolution for this year was to go on dates at least twice a month. Considering how rarely we went on dates last year – more often it was “Someone is watching the kids while we run a few errands” (which is still nice, but not quite a date) – this is a big goal. But doable, right?

Back to normal life tomorrow; for the moment, vacation!

P.S. Ok, I wrote this a day in advance . . . don’t worry, I didn’t actually wake up early just to blog. I like you guys, but not enough to interrupt my day off.