I had a second ultrasound this morning to confirm that yes, there is a tiny parasitic human being squirming around in there. Not surprisingly, given what my other kids are like, this one flipped over at least 3 times in 5 minutes.

I know that I was very vocal about wanting to stop at two kids. But what it came down to, for both Jarom and me, was that Evan and June are just so much fun – we wanted one more. We put a lot of thought into it; aside from the cost of adding another baby, having three kids is a lot different from having two. Jarom and I will be outnumbered. We’ll eventually have to get a (slightly) bigger car, though we’re going to cram three car seats in the back of our little car somehow. As a kid, Jarom worried that he – the third child – would be left behind if his family won a “family of 4” sweepstakes. And, given how close Evan and June are in age, this new addition will be a little bit of an outsider.

But, in the end, we decided that we’ve had good luck getting great kids so far, and we’re willing to push that luck. Just a little.

I anticipate a high air conditioning bill next summer, since I’m due at the beginning of August.

P.S. This blog was around when I announced my first and second pregnancies, too.