Recently Jarom asked me if I’d rather have the flu for 2 days or a cold that lingers for 2 weeks. I quickly picked the cold, which surprised him. I explained that since I’m the childcare provider in our house, I’d have to make other arrangements for the kids if I had the flu. But if I had a cold, I could muddle through things.

The question was apparently some sort of cosmic test, as now I have a cold. June has something too – something that makes her wake up 6+ times every night. No me gusta. Jarom let me sleep until the last possible minute this morning, and after he left I stumbled out of bed, groggy, congested, exhausted, ready to give in. So far the kids are being nice – Jarom must have explained that I’m feeling sick – but we’ll see what horrors the day brings. This isn’t exactly the kind of cold I imagined; I was hoping for some sniffles and a sore throat. Not “I want to down an entire bottle of NyQuil and disappear for a week.”

Since that isn’t an option, I’m open to suggestions. How do you cope when you’re not feeling well, but you still have responsibilities like feeding your kids? I think almost everything else in my life can handle a few more days of neglect (the house is not doing well, but it will have to wait), but the kids still need to eat, have diaper changes/be reminded to use the bathroom, take naps; the dog needs to go outside once in a while. Should I just plan on a lot of stumbling around?

EDIT: Wow, just kidding, the kids were not being nice. We’ve had endless talks recently about not taking things that aren’t yours without asking first . . . but the kids thought it didn’t apply to food. They’d finished eating some biscotti (which I gave them) and then took two boxes of macaroni and cheese, dumped the noodles all over Evan’s floor, and dumped the nasty orange powder all over Evan’s bed. Thanks, kids.