Dear parenting experts,

I’m sorry for letting my kids watch so much tv today. Here’s the deal: June woke up 3 or 4 times last night, and at 5:30 this morning she was done sleeping. I was definitely not done sleeping, and 5:30am is one of those grey areas – I’m in charge of the kids during the night, while Jarom gets up with them in the morning – where I didn’t think it would be nice to make Jarom wake up, even though in summer it would be starting to get light already. So I bundled June up on the couch with blankets and pillows, a bowl of dry cereal, and her cup of milk. I let her pick something on Netflix and I went back to bed.

Every time I’d woken up to help June in the middle of the night, my throat was scratchy and burning. There’s been a nasty inversion here for a few weeks, and I think I caught a bug from Evan; I meant to get the humidifier out last night, but I forgot. This morning – when it was really morning, not 5:30 – I felt miserable. I’ve more or less been hanging out in bed all day. Lack of energy + not enough sleep + poor sleep + sick = I’m just going to leave the tv on for a while.

And I won’t feel (very) bad about it. So I guess I’m not really sorry, after all.


Tired Mom

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