I got up early this morning – actually, let’s just leave it at “I got up this morning,” which should indicate that it was earlier than I’d like. If I had my way, I’d sleep until 11 every day. I’d made an appointment for the dog to get a haircut, since he’s gotten pretty shaggy again, so I needed to drive Jarom to work.

The kids and I spent a while browsing the pet store, admiring the chinchillas (which Evan hilariously – but unintentionally – called gorillas) and turtles. Then we had a brief interlude at my friend Kimberlee’s house, where Evan demonstrated why a full night’s sleep is important. We left soon thereafter. I called Jarom to ask if I could drop Evan off at the office to spend a few hours locked in the filing cabinet (which I said in jest; don’t report me). Jarom actually said we could come by and he’d take an early lunch.

By the time we were done, the dog was ready to be picked up, so the kids and I got our freshly-groomed dog and headed home. June went down for a nap without a fuss . . . Evan requested a dragon movie . . . and I sat down to see what the internet had been up to in my absence.

I had 5 emails.

Whenever I get an email or a Facebook message, I panic – because I assume it’s someone writing to tell me that I messed up at life (something vague or specific, it would depend on the person) and that I’m a terrible person. So seeing that I had 5 emails really freaked me out.

I can only hope this is NOT a normal response. And I seldom get emails that have any sort of reprimand or even a hint of disappointment. But I still worry.

Actually, all 5 emails I got while I was gone were junk. Turns out I’m not in trouble.



9 Comments on “Trouble”

  1. Alitha says:

    How well I understand! Hopefully, tomorrow is a late morning and full of chocolate!~

    • Mika says:

      Sadly it was not a late morning, and there was NO chocolate! But I haven’t gotten any emails about being terrible today, so I guess it all worked out.

  2. KHL says:

    Hah! I’m panicking because I deleted an old folder from the Jimbabwe server last night and at the moment all of the Jimbabwe websites are down. So no email and no FB messages is NOT a happy story for me at the moment. I am hoping to find out that everything is well very soon!

  3. reneecgirl says:

    If you stopped getting into so much mischief, you could relax a little! ;)
    My phone originally typed “if you stopped duetting so mushy mischief…” So you had better cut the duetting as well.

    • Mika says:

      Duetting has been ceased, as instructed.

      I always feel like there’s something lurking at the back of my mind that I promised someone I’d do (besides the baby name things, which, really, will happen) and the deadline passed without me remembering. So I expect frequent emails about how I dropped the ball.

      • reneecgirl says:

        I constantly have dreams that I’m still in school and have forgotten everything: going to class, writing papers, doing projects. I wake up with horrible knots in my stomach that take hours to subside. Isn’t it nice of us to punish ourselves with stress for nothing?

  4. Jarom says:

    Yeah, when I get home, we need to talk.

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