Things you never want to hear from your toddler, especially when the kids are playing with the door shut while you read a great book:

“Mama! June took off her diaper and pooped on the floor!”

To my friends who don’t have kids, sorry for the TMI. To my fellow parents, young and old, you’re welcome for knowing it’s not just you. (And not just me, right?)

Also, after the kids played in the pool outside today, they were briefly in just diapers before getting dressed again. Evan has come up with the name “Nakedbottoms” – I’m not sure if it refers to him and June as superheroes or just as regular weirdos. He runs through the house shouting, “We are the Nakedbottoms!!!” (This appears to have replaced his usual “Go team Hillery!” which I believe is inspired by Team Pteranadon of Dinosaur Train.)

So there’s your look into my life today.