Lately I just want to have a regular day. Here’s what I mean by “regular”:

7:30 am – Jarom gets up with kids and they have breakfast.
8:30 am – I get up, Jarom leaves for work.  Kids play, I eat and shower.
9:30 am – June goes down for her morning nap, Evan plays, I clean/pack.
11:30 am – we play outside.
12 pm – lunch. Go back outside.
1:30 pm – June goes down for afternoon nap, Evan plays, I nap.
3 pm – snack.
4:30 pm – get dinner ready.
5:30 pm – Jarom comes home for dinner.
6 pm – Amish hour. Get kids ready for bed.
7 pm – bedtime for kids! Chill with Jarom, briefly.
7:30 pm – Jarom leaves to study for the bar. Wash dishes, tidy house.
8 pm – kids are asleep.
8:30 pm – eat something delicious, like a box of See’s or a dozen donuts.
11:30 pm – Jarom comes home, we go to bed. Kids do not wake up.

Maybe instead of “regular” I should have said “ideal.” Anyway, here’s what our days have been like instead.

7 am – kids wake up. Jarom has the flu so I get up.
7:15 am – kitchen is a mess so kids eat cereal in the living room. They spill it everywhere and make a slide out of the packing boxes I stacked on the couch. June tries to take Evan’s bowl, he throws a fit, they both cry.
7:20 am – I cry.
7:30 am – mess continues.
8-11:30 am – fussing, fighting, whining, mess, nothing gets done. Lots of kids’ shows on Netflix.
11:30 am –  try to think of something other than pb&j for lunch.
12 pm – pb&j. Canned mandarin oranges on the side. Lunch doesn’t get cleaned up.
12:30 pm – vain attempt to clean/pack.
1:30 pm – June is finally exhausted enough to nap. More Netflix to keep Evan quiet so June can sleep.
3 pm – snack. We all go outside because I can’t stand being in the house.
3:30 pm – come back inside because June is uncontrollable.
5:45 pm – wonder about dinner.
6:30 pm – mac and cheese or pb&j again.
7:30 pm – FINALLY get the kids to bed.
7:45 pm – noise in kids’ room reaches “that level.” Find Evan has turned on light, June threw her blankets out of the crib, and one of them has a dirty diaper. Fix situation and go cry. Wish desperately for something delicious, like a box of See’s or a dozen donuts. Settle for a handful of chocolate chips. Get nothing done.
9 pm – kids are finally asleep. Continue wasting time.
11 pm – think about going to bed but can’t sleep.
1:30 am – fall asleep.
2 am – June wakes up crying. Try to figure out what she wants.
2:20 am – back to bed but now can’t sleep again.

Poor Jarom has been home for 2 days with the flu. Sounds like we’re all miserable! Anyone have a spare box of donuts they can share?