Here’s something you might not know: Jarom and I have been looking at houses for a while. And by “a while,” I mean since last Monday. We met with a buyer’s agent on Wednesday, a mortgage lender on Thursday, and had our first house showing (and made an offer!) on Friday of last week. (It was turned down.)

Yesterday, June and I saw 6 houses while Evan was with his grandma and Jarom was at work. One of them was perfect – lacking only the quintessential white picket fence. So this morning Jarom came with me to see it, we made an offer, and it was accepted this afternoon!

Now comes the tricky part though, right? Inspection and appraisal and all the other stuff you have to do before buying a house. But, if it all works out, we can officially move OUT of our basement in 4 weeks! Into a beautiful house of our own.

How cool would that be?!

So, wish us luck and whatnot.