I was browsing Craigslist this morning and came across this awesome/hideous “mustard green” velour couch. Problem is, I can’t decide which adjective is more applicable, and I’m afraid that the couch’s awesomeness is dependent on its hideousness, which sounds a little bit like a hipster evaluation.

Your thoughts?

(Don’t worry, there’s not really any chance I’d buy the couch. Sadly.)

P.S. Given that this is a college town, I’m troubled by the number of people who list a “dinning table” or “dinning set with 4 chairs.” Do basics of English pronunciation rules escape most folks? I don’t know the formal terminology, but 2 Ns will change the vowel sound, which is why “wining” and “winning” are pronounced differently – just like “dining'” and “dinning.” Thank you, soapbox ended.

P.P.S. I also just found this to-die-for couch. Obviously it could use reupholstering, but the shape! I even secretly like the color!