Last night we decided to try going to the Utah Lake festival today. It was rumored to have activities, free fishing, lots of booths, free hot dogs and popcorn, and a variety of other fun things. I’ll be honest, I love booths, whether they’re fresh produce at the farmer’s market or employers at a career fair. Weird, right?

After June woke up from her morning nap (yes, my blessed 19-month-old still takes two naps, probably to make up for Evan dropping all naps at 18 months), we drove out to the lake. The real problem was that I somehow expected the day would operate smoothly, in a way that was fun for ME. Oh, silly. What about kids?

I realized after a while that I can’t approach things the same way as I did before kids. I can’t think of a trip to a festival or fair or farmer’s market as something enjoyable just for me, at least not enjoyable for the same reasons. I spent today being exhaustively frustrated and upset because I had to chase June around – she’s too young for most of the activities they had, and was mainly interested in her usual run-as-fast-and-far-and-tiringly-as-possible routine. Evan and Jarom were having a great time fishing, and I rudely cut their time short since I was at the end of my rope with June.

Having gone with the expectation that I’d be chasing a toddler in the middle of a hot day, worryingly close to the water, would have made the trip a lot better. By next time we have an outing like this, I probably will have forgotten this insight. Or maybe I can just go without kids!