Dear world,

Just checking in. We’re still here, for sure. Right now it’s 5:30am and I haven’t slept at all. Oh yeah, school’s out – why on earth would I be up so late?

It’s because I keep offering to do huge favors for people. A few days after graduation, I drove Jarom’s cousin down to Southern California. And then drove back about 20 hours later. Since then I’ve made 4 cakes, babysat too many kids, and volunteered to do a handful of other things. Tell me to stop! PLEASE!

Anyway, I’m up making a cake right now. I planned to start it a long, long time ago, but things didn’t work out…I was writhing in agony on the couch for a while, which slowed me down a bit. Once I got over that, Evan woke up from a bad dream, and of course that woke June up. Out of respect for our neighbors (both upstairs and sideways) I try to keep the kids as quiet as possible at night – especially at 3am – so I stayed in their room for a while in an attempt to calm them both down. I was actually so successful that they both decided it was Not Time To Sleep but rather Time To Play Enthusiastically. Don’t worry, like a good mother I interpreted that as Time For Me To Go.

And I’ve been working on the cake since then. Usually this has 12 layers – the most amazing cake ever, in my opinion – but I’m making a very small one this time, in a 4-inch springform pan, with 6 layers. Proportionally it will be much taller than usual. Hopefully just as delicious?

Real updates will be coming soon. Ish. We’re spending the weekend at a place? A lodge-type cabin-y resort thing. For whatever reason, I’ve given it so little thought that I just realized earlier today I’d better pack a few things. For 3 nights, yeah, probably.

So there’s your check in. I’ll try to write a more interesting and detailed update over the weekend. In the meantime, think of a catchphrase for me to close posts with! Like “Wishing you dozens of donuts” or something.

(No. I don’t need a catchphrase. Does anyone even read to the end of the post, though?)