Amish Hour

Recently I decided that the Romgi and I don’t spend enough time together. Even if we’re both at home, chances are we’re doing our own things. I do actually like the Romgi quite a bit, so it seemed like we should change our routine and interact more. I also know myself well enough to know that trying to make a big change was a bad idea; it would probably not work out (at least at first) and I’d feel like a failure, giving up on the whole thing.

Instead I told the Romgi that we were going to have one hour every evening without using the computer, our iPods, or the tv. He immediately agreed on the condition that we call it Amish Hour.

You know what? I’ve really enjoyed it so far. I think it’s been about 4 days now, and I feel like it’s made a big difference. We don’t necessarily do anything interesting (although I predict a game of Parcheesi is in our future), but we’re talking a lot more, playing with the kids more, and – gasp! – getting the house cleaner. Tonight as we were sitting down to Amish Hour I remarked that it still frustrates me that our living room continues to be untidy (or even messy) despite frequent cleanings. I said, “We have too much stuff! There’s stuff everywhere!” The Romgi, being the good husband he is, told me that we could go through the living room and sort everything for Amish Hour. So we did.

The Bwun did his best to thwart our attempts, but with both the Romgi and I working on the room, we were able to get it fairly clean. Best of all, the Romgi vacuumed while I fed jr.

Unfortunately, I think our living room is just too small to not feel cluttered, even when it's clean.

Fake smile.

Genuine adorableness.

So that’s my report on Amish Hour. I hope we have many more enjoyable, quality hours together, especially ones where the house is already clean and we can just play a game!


2 Comments on “Amish Hour”

  1. KHL says:

    Wow, that’s so impressive. And kudos to the Romgi for the title. I’m sure you’re correct that it will always feel cluttered when space is so limited. Keep in mind that you’re only about a year-and-a-half away from a better-ish life. Love the great pictures!!

  2. sposita says:

    RC and I read this and we’re going to do our own Amish Hour.

    Such a great idea! =)

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