I was doing such a good job posting every day – but things got hectic! We got the appraisal report last week (excellent news) and heard back from the underwriters today that everything is good to go. That means we’ll go sign papers and hand over a lot of money on Thursday, and by Friday evening –

we’ll have the keys to OUR NEW HOUSE!

Just thought I’d share.

Oh, and we’re thinking of not having internet when we move. We’ll live across the street from the library, so I’ll still have access and try to blog at least weekly, but I think it may be good for us to limit our gadget usage. And the kids’ Netflix consumption.


We have almost 1,000 posts now, which means I want to give away another book! This time, I’ll give the winner (chosen at random) a copy of any book of his or her choosing that I have mentioned on the blog. You can look through all my reviews here or use your amazing memory, but leave a comment here with a link to the appropriate post. I’ll close comments on Sunday at midnight (Mountain time) and draw a winner on Monday – but probably won’t mail or deliver your book until after we move!

So – for a chance to win – which book would you choose?


In case you missed it, here’s a video of Evan telling a story. We didn’t catch the beginning on camera – it started with being sucked into a movie and attacked by a monster while traveling by wagon.


If things go as planned, we’ll be moving into our new house two weeks from today. Considering that barely a month ago, our plan was to stay in the basement for another year, it’s been a bit of a hectic time. And when I think of all the packing and cleaning to be done, I start to panic. A lot.

Two weeks isn’t very much! Any advice on moving?

Cookie jar

Row 1: rug / necklace / doormat
Row 2: painting / crown / painting
Row 3: potholders / snailele / table
Row 4: tart / taxidermy / painting


I was browsing Craigslist this morning and came across this awesome/hideous “mustard green” velour couch. Problem is, I can’t decide which adjective is more applicable, and I’m afraid that the couch’s awesomeness is dependent on its hideousness, which sounds a little bit like a hipster evaluation.

Your thoughts?

(Don’t worry, there’s not really any chance I’d buy the couch. Sadly.)

P.S. Given that this is a college town, I’m troubled by the number of people who list a “dinning table” or “dinning set with 4 chairs.” Do basics of English pronunciation rules escape most folks? I don’t know the formal terminology, but 2 Ns will change the vowel sound, which is why “wining” and “winning” are pronounced differently – just like “dining'” and “dinning.” Thank you, soapbox ended.

P.P.S. I also just found this to-die-for couch. Obviously it could use reupholstering, but the shape! I even secretly like the color!


Things you never want to hear from your toddler, especially when the kids are playing with the door shut while you read a great book:

“Mama! June took off her diaper and pooped on the floor!”

To my friends who don’t have kids, sorry for the TMI. To my fellow parents, young and old, you’re welcome for knowing it’s not just you. (And not just me, right?)

Also, after the kids played in the pool outside today, they were briefly in just diapers before getting dressed again. Evan has come up with the name “Nakedbottoms” – I’m not sure if it refers to him and June as superheroes or just as regular weirdos. He runs through the house shouting, “We are the Nakedbottoms!!!” (This appears to have replaced his usual “Go team Hillery!” which I believe is inspired by Team Pteranadon of Dinosaur Train.)

So there’s your look into my life today.