New and improved

I gave myself bangs today. It turns out that while I am pretty decent at cutting hair, I’m terrible at taking pictures of myself to show you my new look. Maybe tomorrow I’ll make the Romgi get a picture of me and the kids all together so you can ooh and ahh over us.

Also, I got a Baby Einstein dvd for free tonight. People pay money for this? Ok, I didn’t mean for that to sound so rude. I can definitely see how it is (1) more “educational” than a lot of kids shows and (2) less annoying than Dora the Explorer. I think it’s ridiculous that the Baby Einstein dvds have a repeat feature, and I also think it’s genius. But I hate to admit that.

And that’s the news from me.


2 Comments on “New and improved”

  1. Nicole says:

    I totally agree with you on the Baby Einstein. We decided that we find enough of the clips for free on YouTube, so there isn’t a point in buying them. And I get that they are more subtle, but in my opinion they are not worth the price the put on the movies.

    Hope to be able to see your bangs! I’m sure they look cute, and will blend in well with that picture you mentioned of your cute kids :)

  2. KHL says:

    I found very few “educational” kids things to be worth their hype. I will sound old, but I especially don’t like all of the electronic educational stuff. Read kids a nice book. Talk to them. They’ll get smarter, faster.

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