Accomplishments revisited

Well…the last two weeks have definitely not gone as planned (ER trip #1, ER trip #2, jr’s early arrival)! I made a goal last week to watch Miracle on 34th Street and to find a photo album for our wedding pictures this week. I have done neither of those.

However, I have been drinking plenty of water, taking pictures of the Bwun every day (and jr, too, don’t worry), and writing in my journal at least once a week. So things on my Day Zero list are getting done – just not the things I meant to accomplish right now.

And, our house is in a constant cycle of super messy/somewhat tidy (in the living room, at least). Maybe I’ll show you a picture every day and that will help me keep things clean. When it’s still messy, we can all commiserate about life being rough and kids making messes. Deal? Ok. Here’s tonight – and I should tell you that the room was beautifully tidy at 9 this morning! Then the Bwun happened.

The Romgi describes his expression as "stern, yet approving." What say you?

Unrelated: the Bwun a few days ago. Well, he is related, but to me, not to the post.

How has your week gone? Did you have unexpected things come up, or did life go as planned (ha!)? What will you try to accomplish this next week?