The Kids Your Kids Could Be Like

Hello readers.  Look at your kids.  Now look at mine.

Now look at yours, now back to mine.  Sadly, your kids are not like mine.  Look down, now up, she’s wearing a bow.

Close your eyes, now open them.  Now they’re doing that thing you like.  Look again, they’re adorable.

Turn around. Where are you now?  You’re on the internet, looking at the kids your kids could be like.  Look again, the baby is quiet because she’s got a pacifier. Scroll up, then down  the pacifier is now DIAMONDS!!

Anything is possible when your kids are adorable.  I’m on a blog.

Inspired by this video.


Mess, as promised

This morning I slept in. I planned to get up at 7:30, but I was exhausted. So I set the alarm for 8. I finally got up just before 9…by then I actually felt ok, so while the Romgi made breakfast (poached eggs on English muffins, and orange juice – perfect!) I worked on cleaning the living room. It wasn’t that I was afraid of taking pictures of it in its chaotic mess, I just wanted to start on it while I had the motivation and energy. Besides, I didn’t get nearly finished, and the Bwun helped make sure it was plenty chaotic.


To be fair, the Bwun was pretty happy while he destroyed things.

There's a box of ginger snaps on the couch because last night the Romgi made the most AMAZING berry crisp for dessert. I'll get you the recipe. Soon.

Our bedroom (my side of the bed is on the right in this picture). Someday I'll get the Romgi to fix the light behind our bed. The Bwun did a great job detaching it from the wall. Sigh.

The Romgi's side of the bed (read: the mess is NOT all my fault!).

The Bwun's room was actually clean this morning, but who would expect it to stay tidy all day? The new wardrobe is in the corner, and the old drawers are over on the left. Also pictured is the glider rocking chair I got for free and am in the process of reupholstering. I meant to finish before jr was born. Ha! And on the bottom left you can see part of a nativity set the Romgi's grandma got for us a few years ago. It got taken out of the closet when we were rearranging some things, and the Bwun loves it. He picks up the shepherds and declares, "Man!" Oh, and he never finishes eating anything. That's why there's a barely-eaten pb&j sandwich on the footrest.

You’ll notice there are no pictures of the kitchen. Just taking these photos, and then sharing them, makes me feel like a really miserable slovenly person. Be friendly, please? I hate being untidy but it’s a hard habit to fix!

Oh, and I almost forgot – here’s a not-too-great look at the silver wall.

Soon there will be an Ikea bed here instead of a vacuum and half-undressed rocking chair.

Beautiful, beautiful silence

I’m sitting in the rocking chair with a very sleepy jr while the Bwun plays quietly in the other room.

Yes, I can handle this.

Wait…jr woke up crying and the Bwun is growling. Like a bear.

Well, kids, it was nice while it lasted!