Day and night

As you probably know, I am not a morning person. I hate mornings. If I had my way, I’d stay up until 2am and sleep until 10am. If I’m awake before 9am (or 8:30 at the earliest), I get grouchy. That’s why I love that the Bwun usually sleeps in until about 8:45.

Anyway, a new baby throws things off. I suppose the last few weeks before having jr were different enough – I could barely sleep at night, so I didn’t have a regular schedule. But now jr needs to eat every couple hours. And I want her to sleep at normal times (not that she’s ever really awake…), which means “bedtime” when the Bwun goes to bed. (I don’t mind holding jr during the day, and in fact I quite love it, but when she sleeps at night I want her to be in the bassinet instead of with me.) So I’ve been trying to get myself to bed at a reasonable hour in order to also get jr OUT of the bassinet in the morning. Too bad that life is far too crazy for something like that. Between family visiting, the Bwun refusing to go to sleep, and general disorderliness, I haven’t actually managed to go to bed before midnight lately.

I’d like to blame hormones for the fact that for the past few nights, after 9pm or so I am GROUCHY. As in, everything everyone says drives me crazy, everything that happens is annoying, and I just want everyone (or at least almost everyone) to shut up and go away.

And in the mornings, I get myself up around 7am and I’m in a good mood.


…Want to see the kids today?

Aaaah! Cuteness overload.

I put jr down for tummy time, and the Bwun ran over and said, "Cama!" (camera)