In high demand

The Bwun has had a rough couple weeks. After two emergency room trips and adjusting to life with jr, he caught a stomach bug from his cousins and spent most of this morning throwing up. It was miserable for all of us. He woke up crying around 6:30 and barfed almost every hour until early afternoon…which meant all of us were tired, and tired of the Bwun being sick. I’m sure he had it worst.

With any luck, tomorrow will be better. The Bwun took a long nap this afternoon and then asked to go to bed just before 9pm (why doesn’t he always ask nicely to go to bed? I wish!). He seems to be feeling a little better, just really tired and REALLY not interested in having me pay any attention to jr. Sorry, bud, she has to eat. And my lap is only so big.

I do like feeling popular, but I’d rather be in high demand by healthy kids instead of sick ones!

(That doesn’t mean I want you to send your healthy kids over to ask me for attention. They’d just get sick. And I’d be grouchy. So, don’t.)


One Comment on “In high demand”

  1. jaromgi says:

    I love that when you come back into the room after feeding Jr. the Bwun yells, “BABY!”

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