So much to do, so little time

This past week we’ve been cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. I’m happy to say that the bedroom is just as clean as it was in the picture I showed you recently, the bathroom is almost sparkling, the living room is tidy, and…the other rooms are well on their way to perfection.

This new week is the Romgi’s last week of class before his TWO weeks of finals. Fortunately for me, my mom is coming out to help for a few days. With house and kid stuff – not with finals. Sorry, the Romgi, you’re on your own.

(And then we have Christmas shopping to do, and I start classes in about a month, and how does life feel so BUSY when we really aren’t doing much?)


4 Comments on “So much to do, so little time”

  1. Jim Lewis says:

    I’m just chuckling, thinking that at this point in my life, I expected to be a lot less busy than I am.

  2. KHL says:

    The “busy” will last and last! And I could help with the finals if creative writing and hypothetical cases are involved!

  3. Sarah says:

    Wow I’m impressed. I haven’t recovered enough yet to do housework without significant pain. Then again, I did trip and fall on my face once a week starting a week after she was born:P Are you back to normal? Go you guys for housecleaning!

  4. Kate says:

    Are you excited for school next semester? I think it’s so awesome (and brave) of you to take that on too! You are amazing!

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