Big kid now?

I can’t believe how big the Bwun is getting (especially since our neighbors just had a baby – it makes the Bwun look even bigger!). So behold. And tell me how adorable he is. I don’t need validation (I already know he’s super cute), I just like when you comment.

Who can resist?

I got him to smile by pretending to sneeze right before I snapped the picture. Yes, I am a genius.

One of my all-time favorite Bwun shirts.

And not in focus, but he's just SO BIG!

The Bwun ♥s dogs.

Remember I said I would tell you all about how the Bwun is obsessed with dogs?

Finally! Here we go.

When the Romgi and I were doing some last-minute Christmas shopping last year, I spotted a fantastically ridiculous wolf calendar and I had to have it. It went perfectly with our honeymoon souvenir: a cross-section of a tree with a heavily-lacquered print of a giant-eagle-attacking-timber-wolf-in-a-snowstorm drawing. We made a goal before the wedding to find the tackiest souvenir possible, and I’m pretty sure we succeeded.

Anyway. That was why I got the wolf calendar. I hung it in the hallway on the door to the laundry room.

For a while now we’ve been teaching the Bwun to recognize the animals in our Berkley Illustration prints – dog, rat, tiger, sloth. One day he began pointing at the wolves on the calendar and, to keep things simple, I said they were dogs. Soon he would crawl over and babble at the calendar; we looked at some pictures of dogs online, and suddenly he pointed and said quite clearly, “Dah!”

This is a big deal because the Bwun does not say any other words. He doesn’t say mama, ma, dada, dad, pa, baby, up, or anything useful. But dog: before long he was saying dog all day.

A few weeks ago we were enjoying the nice weather outside and visiting with our neighbor, whose daughter is a month older than the Bwun. Next door to them is a cat. The cat wandered over and, of course, the Bwun greeted it with shouts of “Dog! Dog!” I explained that it was a cat; we played with it for a while (as much as you can play with a cat, that is); then it wandered off and we went back home to eat lunch and take a nap.

The Bwun was furious.

That night he refused to go to sleep, and constantly cried out for “Dog! Dog!” I really wanted him to just go to sleep, so in desperation I got out an old stuffed black bear I had and gave it to him, telling him it was a dog. Worked like a charm. He calmed down and was soon asleep. I put the Bwun in his crib and the bear on the dresser.

Can you guess what happened the next morning? The Bwun wanted his “dog” as soon as he woke up. I heard him from the other room saying it over and over again.

I do have some sense, so we headed to Toys R Us that day to pick out an actual stuffed dog. I put 5 different types in front of the Bwun but apparently he’s not old enough to really choose – although he did keep pointing at a giraffe and calling it “dog.” Since the choice fell to me, I picked a husky. The Romgi and I plan to someday own a husky (not for a long while), so it seemed like a good start.

By the time we made it back to the car the Bwun was in love with his new dog.

But he still thought the bear was a dog.

And then he thought every animal was a dog.

We have a pet rat: it is “dog.” The stuffed monkey I was forced into buying is “dog.” The cat outside is “dog.” The bird chirping outside the window is “dog.” The only exception seems to be the large stuffed turtle in our bedroom, which comes out something like “durl.” Hey, it’s different enough. And he recognizes a real-live dog when he sees one. Sometimes we go on walks just so we can find some dogs.

Are you convinced? The Bwun is obsessed. Dogs, dogs, dogs.

Dog and bear. And Bwun.

Tee hee.


I finally found our video camera. Here are two clips from this week, plus a very old one from October. (In baby time, that’s forever ago!)

Weekly cookie jar

Outer Space Adventure mobile from PinkPerch

Sketchbook/Organizer Gift from FPO

percy honeycomb necklace from stone&honey

Boned-waist dress from Bottega Veneta

Moody Toast pillow from Wonder Thunder

Message in a Bottle card from dearcolleen

Apple Pocket Pie Mold from Williams-Sonoma


Quail print from Push Me Pull You Design


I had a cookie jar post almost ready, but the internet died and hasn’t really come back. I’m using the Romgi’s laptop while he’s in class, and all of my links are saved on the not-working computer. It will be up…soon! As will a post about the Bwun’s OBSESSION with dogs. Soon!


Hey all you people that I think read my blog:

Leave a comment on this post! I’m asking your opinion! How often does that happen?

So here’s the deal. I’m crazy weird, but I want to know if you are too. When I go shopping with the Bwun, especially grocery shopping, I get back to the car with a cart full of fun things (or vegetables). Several things must be accomplished before I can head home: the groceries and the Bwun have to be put in the car, and the cart has to be returned to not-by-the-trunk.

I put the groceries away first – unless it’s raining or snowing (which has been known to happen a time or two), when the Bwun gets put in first. In nice weather, I take the Bwun out of his little perch in the cart and carry him with me while I return the shopping cart. Personally, I think steering the cart with one hand is more than a little tricky, but I’ve gotten pretty good at it. The problem is when the weather is bad. The Bwun is safely stowed in his carseat, the groceries are tucked in the trunk, and then…I have to walk away from the car to put the cart back. Am I paranoid for expecting that one day, some clever fiend is going to take advantage of my very temporary, very cautious distance from the car and snatch the Bwun?

If I’ve put the Bwun away, and it’s snowing or raining, I can’t leave a window down, and I worry about somehow stupidly locking myself out of the car (bound to happen at least once, I suppose) – with the Bwun inside. So I’m afraid that in the 5 or 10 seconds I’m gone some mastermind will see the unlocked car with the world’s cutest kid inside (plus those tasty veggies) and kidnap the Bwun. By taking my car.

Unrealistic, right?

What do you do when you’re loading groceries and kids in the car?

I also am deeply concerned, and probably overly cautious about it as a result, that while I’m putting the Bwun in the car, someone will snatch my diaper bag (doubles as a purse, so my wallet is inside). It’s too big to hold onto when I bundle the Bwun into his carseat, and when it’s pouring rain outside, getting him out of the rain is my first priority, so the bag is sitting in the cart with my groceries.

Like I said, crazy weird, but I’d rather be anticipating that criminal masterminds lurk in grocery store parking lots than surprised when I turn around and find the Bwun is gone.

You may comment now.


by Cornelia Funke

{ 2008 | The Chicken House | 656 pgs }

I’ve put off reading this for quite a while, because as the conclusion of the Inkheart trilogy, the title Inkdeath just made me too nervous. It’s been almost 6 years since I first read Inkheart, and 3 since I read Inkspell. I was afraid that I wouldn’t like the ending of the series, that too many beloved characters would die, that everything would go wrong.

I read Inkdeath in about two days. Which, considering that I had to take some time to look after the Bwun and do silly things like eat and sleep, is not bad. In another life where I didn’t have a small child I probably would have finished in 5 or 6 hours.

It. Was. So good.

Again, the translation is unbelievable – I still have a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that this was not written in English. Big round of applause for Anthea Bell, the translator.

The story is captivating, tense, and perfectly composed of scenes and plots that are tragic, amazing, heartbreaking, funny, and dramatic.

If you never listen to what I say and still haven’t read Inkheart or Inkspell, find some time! Get the audiobook if you prefer, but you’re missing out if you ignore my advice.