Scariest Thing Ever?? Quite Possibly.

As many of you know, I am fond of looking at the news every day. Sometimes, I am shocked by what I see, other times I am uplifted. Today, I was horrified.

First, I think you need to know something. I hate cats. Hate. Them. People go on about how intelligent cats are and how independent they are, but does that really matter? I say they are cold and plotting. You know what else is highly intelligent, cold and plotting? Serial killers. A respected source (read: wikipedia) says many serial killers have above average intelligence, but you don’t see people going on about how serial killers make great pets. Yes, i just compared cats to serial killers.

So what could be more terrifying than a regular cat? How about a cat with wings? Terrified? But don’t worry, they don’t exist… OR DO THEY?

How would you like THAT flying at you?

OK, so that isn’t really what happened. I’m not sure how trustworthy this news source is but it looks like the story is legit. During a recent hot spell in the Sichuan province in China, a couple of cats began to have growths develop on their backs. They started as little bumps, and then grew into wings. You can read the article here (it even has pictures).

The cats can’t fly… yet. But we already know they are agile, AND intelligent. How long do we really have until they figure out how to fly? Our greatest fears are about to come true. If global warming is really happening, and if all it takes for cats to sprout wings is a good hot spell, then I see a whole world of hurt coming our way. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you!


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