Murder on the Orient Express

by Agatha Christie

This one counts as a real book, right? Not like that last one I read.

I’d like to say that the problem with discussing a mystery is that you can’t say much about the solution. You know, there’s a risk of giving too much away. I don’t know how many of you have read the book or have any interest in ever reading it, so it’s safest to assume you are all desperately clamoring to pick up a copy, having never read it before. Alright, alright! I won’t give away the ending!

In all likelihood I’ve never read an Agatha Christie book before. Not that I specifically remember, at least. We had tons of books growing up and I probably read 80% of the fiction on my parents’ bookshelves (note to self: Tom Clancy novels are not good reading material for 12 year olds). At any rate, this was my first “official” Agatha Christie read, and I must say I certainly enjoyed Poirot. He’s quite charming.

However, I’d like to (very vaguely) say that I didn’t much appreciate the solution. It felt much too contrived. And there were times when I thought Poirot was too insightful for his own good – almost to the point of being omniscient. Where’s the fun in that? Honestly! But, overall, it was a nice to read a murder mystery, and I’ll definitely seek out some more Agatha Christie in the future. Do you have a favorite to recommend?

My rating: 3.5 / 5 stars. According to the Romgi, my 5-star rating system is incredibly convoluted and ridiculous. 3.5 stars is the equivalent of a B+, meaning I liked the book but don’t feel the need to buy a copy to add to my collection.

Below is the full breakdown of my rating system. You tell me if it’s convoluted and ridiculous, ok? (The system also applies to movies.)

1 star = F. I hated it. Yuck. Waste of time.
2 stars = D or C, depending. I didn’t quite like it, but I got something out of it.
3 stars = B. I liked it, in kind of a “meh” way.
4 stars = A-. I definitely liked it and would buy a copy, on sale.
5 stars = A+. I loved it and need to buy it.

(In case you’re curious, I’m pretty sure this system is based off my idea of grades. Notice how B and A- are not good enough to get 5 stars? Yeah, maybe I’m obsessive about grades sometimes.)