Better late than never

While I was at the Romgi’s family reunion, Katie tagged me to post 8 random things about myself. I didn’t ignore it! I’ve just taken some time to get around to it. Here goes.

1. Back when I used to write (ah, days gone by), I decided to create a main character, Terra, who discovers a large tree near her house that has some sort of hole which, when she enters, transports her to another place and time. Unfortunately, I’ve never been much of a writer, and nothing I thought of could do much better than poorly imitating Jack Quimby. And why try to copy the literary and imaginative genius of JQ? Sigh.

2. Until a few years ago, roughly a third of all my dreams took place at my old ballet studio. Also, it’s only since I’ve been married that my parents and siblings have started appearing in my dreams. Before they were very infrequent guests – maybe once every 6 months. Strange, eh?

3. The best bruschetta I’ve ever had (other than my mom’s, which I think I actually refused to eat as a kid, because…well, I was a kid; however, I’m quite sure that hers is really the best) was at Ottavio’s in Provo. It was topped with fresh roma tomatoes and it was exquisite.

4. I am currently eating dry Cinnamon Toast Crunch. I’m very tired and I can’t be bothered to find a clean bowl (or wash one) to have the cereal with milk in.

5. As a child, I discovered at least five times that yogurt should not be left out in the open for extended periods of time.

6. I met all but one of the Romgi’s 4 nieces and nephews before he did. Bonus: I wasn’t even close to being a family member then. Just awesome. So there! Hope you enjoyed Korea! Of course, there is a downside – I know very well how adorable the nieces and nephews were as babies, and I’m at a loss how to compete with them. Cute baby tips, anyone?

7. When I did ballet, there were probably 6 other girls around my age in the same level as me. Even though we were pretty good friends to begin with, I tried to buy them off with gifts so they’d tell me we were really friends. Come to think of it, I still do that sort of thing.

8. I have already outgrown the pants I was wearing two months ago.

…And now the fun part, where I try to force you to play this game: the Romgi, Bethany, Nicole, and Kendy…enjoy!