Three Bags Full

by Leonie Swann

I was completely sold when I heard this description: “A flock of sheep investigates the murder of their shepherd.” How can you go wrong? The book even has a list of the sheep at the beginning, with descriptions such as “Willow – the second most silent sheep in the flock; no one minds that.”

So far as murder mysteries go, I loved this one until the last quarter of the book. Maybe I’m just too picky about endings; maybe there just aren’t any great endings anymore. Either way, I was fairly disappointed with the solution. It was awfully anticlimactic. But for how incredibly funny and intriguing the rest of the story was, I’d rate Three Bags Full as four stars. The sheep were delightful – the author did a great job of developing personalities for them, distinct from each other and particularly from human personalities.

The first book in a while I have wanted to recommend! Please read it! And let me know what you think of the end.


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