Tommy Emmanuel

We have dinner at my Aunt Carole’s house every third Sunday. It’s a chance for all the cousins and extended family in the area to get together and have FHE. The Romgi and I were the last remaining guests there this week, enjoying the company and delicious cookies, when my Uncle Ted pulled out his iPod to have me listed to the new Alison Krauss album (excellent) and another bluegrass artist he had just discovered. Then, since I liked those so much, he put in a dvd of a live performance by Tommy Emmanuel, an Australian guitarist.

I am hooked.

This guy is pretty freaking amazing. My favorite song is this arrangement he does of Saltwater, a song originally done by Julian Lennon.


2 Comments on “Tommy Emmanuel”

  1. the romgi says:

    I’m not even all that into bluegrass and I thought it was pretty cool

  2. k lewis says:

    Tommy and Jake Shimabukuro (he plays a wild ukelele) came to Fairfield!! We went to see them at the FCCA theater downtown. It was the most amazing concert we’ve ever been to.

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