Our caterpillar is getting so big! I wonder how much more it will grow before he makes a cocoon. The Romgi’s extensive research has led us to believe that our caterpillar will turn into a moth. Not quite as fun as a butterfly, but it’s still exciting! I took a few pictures this morning to show you how much it’s grown.

Every day – sometimes twice a day – I give it new leaves (dandelion leaves seem to be a big hit) and clean out the jar. I think I’m having more fun with this than the Bwun is!



Yesterday morning we found a caterpillar while we were playing outside! It has been an object of much admiration. We put it in a baby food jar with some leaves and grass and sticks. That’s what you do with caterpillars, right? The kids and I are headed to California in a few days, so we’ll see if it does ok without us.

Not today!

No real post, sorry. I’m working on a paper (rough draft) due at midnight, and I have to go to a 2.5-hr class and take a test before I can finish the paper…so it’s going to be a long day.

Fortunately, my workload will be much emptier after midnight, so tomorrow I can get back to enjoying life – and you can get back to enjoying my blog!