Lizard update

I know everyone has been desperately following this story, so I bet no one was expecting the sudden mid-season actor change: yesterday we went to the Wasatch Reptile Expo in Salt Lake and have decided to return The Little Guy, since we bought a baby orange-yellow bearded dragon for super cheap.

Now, you may be thinking, why get a different type of lizard? Doesn’t that require another cage? Well, yes, but bearded dragons are amazingly mellow, grow slowly enough to not need a big cage for a while, and really don’t get all that big. We still have a little 10-gallon cage from when the Romgi had anoles, and the beardie seems to really like the setup.

His name?

Remington Steele.

And before you ask, yes, I have pictures!



This last Friday, the Romgi’s first morning class was cancelled. I said I’d take notes for him in our 11:00 class so that he could go home and sleep after work that morning. Everything was going as planned until I went to go sit in on his Korean linguistics class that afternoon.

The teacher also is in charge of my first-year Korean class, and I had asked about visiting the linguistics class sometimes because I find it very interesting. So I showed up a little before 2:00 and waited with the five or six other people in the class. It got to be 2:00…then 2:15…and then class was over, and the Romgi had never made an appearance.

There’s something you need to understand here. If I don’t set an alarm, I can sleep for ten, maybe twelve hours at night, or six or seven hours for a nap. But the Romgi seems to have an excellent instinctive alarm that tells him when it’s time to wake up. And so I figured that there was no way he had simply fallen asleep after work and kept sleeping all the way through class. It just didn’t make sense.

By the end of class I began to get a little bit worried. The cell phone was at home, so I couldn’t try calling. Instead I practically ran the 6 blocks back to our apartment, all the while imagining worse and worse things that might have happened.

First I thought that maybe the Romgi got in a car accident after he dropped me off on campus earlier in the day. Who would have been able to get ahold of me? How would I find out what had happened? Then I envisioned a horrible, grisly murder scene at our apartment. I ran faster. Or maybe he’d had some freak heart attack or stroke and was paralyzed – or even dead. I pictured calling his parents in tears and telling them they needed to come down to Provo because the Romgi was no more.

Needless to say, I was quite out of breath by the time I made it back to the apartment. I raced up the stairs and had just started putting the key in the door when someone unlocked it from the inside and cracked the door open.

And who should it be but a very sheepish Romgi, still in his pajamas, who apologetically said that he had just woken up a few minutes ago? Apparently, he didn’t think he could sleep that long either.

But it was very nice to see him. Alive.

The little guy

So, remember I said that I bought a new lizard? Would you like to see pictures of him and Mu interacting? Ok, here you go.