Freshman Fashion Show

So, one of my favorite parts about the new school year is watching all the freshmen. They all look like they are 12 years old. I have put off a lot of my general education requirements because… well… they aren’t very interesting. However, this being my last year, I really have no choice but to take the ones that I have been putting off. The upside is that Roni and I get to see what is in fashion.

A young face and lost expression isn’t the only way to tell who is a freshman, and who has been at BYU a few years. Judging by the amount of parents that have been floating around Provo this past week, one can assume that there have been quite a few freshman that had their parents drop them off. Anyways, for whatever reason, it seems that parents wanted to buy their kids new school clothes “just one last time” (though I don’t think my parents bought ANY of my clothes since freshman year of highschool). As a result, ALL of the freshmen look remarkably similar. They are all wearing BRIGHT flower print shirts. I mean BRIGHT. Now, maybe they think they are in high school, and people actually care? But wearing garish flower print is like putting a huge sign on their heads that says, “LOOK AT ME, I’M A FRESHMAN!” Just give them a couple years, they’ll get over it.