Well, after several weeks of being entertained at work by Microsoft’s Club Live, I have finally earned enough points for the zune. It really did not take as long as I was expecting, only a few weeks. It actually happened yesterday and I am quite relieved to be done with the whole process. Or am I?

Last week, Apple announced the new iPod touch. Now, I am not one to be easily swayed by Apple’s latest gizmos, but I will admit to a certain fascination with the iPod touch. Not only does it look amazing, but it has such great potential! I’m sure that as new applications are released by 3rd parties, the iPod touch with transform into the next generation of PDA/mp3 player. Some might say that he iphone already IS the next generation, but I’m really not interested in a lot of the features that are present in the iphone. I know there are a lot of people out there that are disappointed with the iPod touch’s 16GB of max storage capacity, but let’s face it, all of the music on my computer currently takes up about 6 GB. I could probably fit my entire music collection onto the 8GB version of the iPod touch, and still be happy. Though it would be impressive to say that you have 160GB of storage, what would you really fill that up with? My hard drive isn’t even that big on my computer. Also, I like that the iPod touch uses flash memory, making it more suitable for exercise activities and the like.

Now, even the 8GB model at $299 is a bit steep for me (as a starving student). And after Apple’s $200 price drop in the iphone after only a few months, I am certainly not going to be the first person in line to get one of these guys, but how I want one! So here is the plan that I have schemed up in my head, let Microsoft pay for my iPod touch. And just how do I plan to make this work? Well, I have already explained club live, and how you can get all sorts of prizes for playing games that run the Microsoft search engine. I have earned the zune and it should be in my hands by mid November. There are a myriad of other prizes that are still available to me- bluetooth headsets, xbox 360 controllers, and the like. I figure if I win enough prizes from club live, I will be able to sell the prizes to earn money towards my real goal, the iPod touch. So what say ye? What do you think of my plan?