Busiest Day of the Week

So the company that we work at is sales based, so not surprisingly, our busiest day of work is on saturday. Saturday never seems to actually be our busiest day though… In lieu of having saturday off, we have monday off. Even though monday is supposed to be our day off, it always seems to be our busiest day. It is the day we shop, get haircuts, bake cookies, and cook more complicated meals. It always feels busier and shorter than the days that we spend in front of a computer desk waiting for the hours to tick by. It is one of the cruel twists of fate.



It has happened!


I have pretty much been able to avoid the whole blogging scene all my life. When I lived in Korea, everybody had a blog. Everybody. I thought it was kind of strange then… but then I came back, and everybody here had a blog too. I have managed to hold out. I mean my wife has her blog and I figured because we work at the same place and live in the same place, I was safe… I was lulled into this false sense of security. But now people want me to blog, so… here I am.