One of those days

Why Mondays? Why is it always Mondays?

The Romgi gets out of class a lot later on Mondays, and the day just feels long. Today was especially bad because the Bwun woke up earlier than usual, was messier and fussier and more demanding than usual, did not take a nap (exactly usual, unfortunately), and drove me crazier than usual. There were so many messes at our house today! By 3pm I had such a killer headache that I called the Romgi home to help me. I just had to have a nap.

Sadly, I never got a nap. After we ate I took a hot bath, and almost fell asleep on the couch – but between the Bwun jumping on my head and company coming over (two separate sets of visitors), there was no chance to sleep. Now the Bwun is finally in bed. We actually put him down an hour ago, earlier than usual, and he probably would have gone to sleep right away, except that he heard company come over. Oh well. The house is quiet for the moment.

Here’s to a bit of rest, and a calmer, cleaner day tomorrow!


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