For the last few weeks I’ve been trying to design our Christmas cards this year. I also started putting together a list of recipients, and addressing envelopes. It was something I could do when I wanted to feel useful but jr-in-my-tummy made it difficult to actually do anything. I came up with a great design – at least, one that I like. It’s hard to imagine outdoing last year’s cards…but nevertheless, I’ve decided to be happy with my idea this year.

I also got birth announcements ready to include with the cards. And we have family pictures I can put in, but they are pre-jr. Next week I’m going to try getting some newborn photos taken of jr and maybe some shots of the Bwun. Wallet-size photos are my favorite!

Of course, Christmas isn’t for well over a month…I should be ready to send cards out when it gets closer, though! I’d give you a sneak preview except the cards are just too fun to see online. You’ll enjoy getting yours in the mail – many weeks from now!


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