We’ve been staying with the Romgi’s parents since we left the hospital on Thursday. Today we came back to our own apartment – between jr needing more jaundice tests down in Payson and the Romgi having school here in Provo, it was hard on our car and on us to be away from home.

Of course, we left home in a big hurry last week, and when we stopped off here Thursday on our way to the in-laws’, we fairly well trashed the place getting the clothes and supplies we’d need for a semi-extended stay elsewhere. I detest coming home to a messy house, but what choice did I have? So we returned triumphantly (exhaustedly!) to a disaster of a house. And I mean a BIG disaster.

You know what? I’m trying really, really hard not to care. I don’t currently have the time or energy to clean everything, even though I want to. Badly. Tomorrow I’ll be brave, and trusting, and show you pictures of what our apartment looks like right now. Maybe that’s the first step in being willing to ask someone for help. Having two kids is tricky so far!

The good news (aside from all of us being healthy, and generally happy) is that the Romgi’s grandma very generously purchased a new wardrobe for the kids’ room. It’s from Ikea and it’s perfect. When we moved into this apartment, there were weird homemade drawers in what has become the kids’ room – and not the good kind of homemade. I’ve probably mentioned them before. At any rate, having the new wardrobe means we can get rid of the drawers and free up a lot of floor space. The Romgi very generously donated his time to constructing the wardrobe, and by lunchtime (ok, a late lunchtime) it was ready to be filled.

I got a few pictures of the Bwun playing with it before we put him to bed. (Actually, it was my turn to put him in bed, but he was throwing such a tantrum and I was getting so frustrated that the Romgi took over. What would I do without him?)

(We moved the old drawers to make way for the new wardrobe. Apparently the Bwun has been building up a stash of crumbs, paper, and who-knows-what-else behind the drawers. Vacuuming tomorrow...if I'm feeling up to it!)

Any advice on adjusting to life with two kids? The Bwun just had a molar come through and he’s been a pill lately! If I can just make it through this phase…maybe just through the end of the week or even tomorrow…things will be ok, right?


4 Comments on “Homecoming”

  1. Jim Lewis says:

    You, beautiful mother of two, will do just fine. And you will find ways to manage, just like you always have.

  2. jaromgi says:

    Yeah. Things will be great.

  3. KHL says:

    And you will become better at ignoring. Trust me, that’s the key to survival.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Or you will get up your courage to let me come lend a hand. I promise I won’t judge.

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