I’ve been inspired to clean our entire house. Deep clean and baby-proof. My goal is to finish by the end of February…I have two baby showers to host coming up, a wedding in California, the final exam for my Social Psychology class, and the Bwun’s first birthday happening next month, so we’ll see how feasible my timeline is. As a sidenote, I’ve started planning the Bwun’s party, and it is going to be so. Cool. You’ll wish you were invited. (You probably are.)

Also, we have the Romgi’s externship dates pretty much tied down. He’ll leave for Korea just after our anniversary and stay for a month, then a few days after he gets back we’ll take a week-long drive out to North Carolina. He plans to work at a firm in Greensboro for about four weeks, and (I’m so excited!) we get to spend an entire week just exploring the area. So I’d love to hear what you like about the East Coast – and anything between here and there – what we should definitely put on our list of destinations. This should be a really fun summer for us. After North Carolina, and another week driving back, we’ll stay put in Provo and relax until school starts again.

Good times, I hope!


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