I hate messes.

It may surprise you, if you know what a horrible housekeeper I am, to learn that I really hate messes. Imagine what a trial (!) it is for me to have a little boy around. (By the way, I realized today that the Bwun is more and more a little boy and less a baby. Sad! And exciting at the same time!)

Besides the fact that the Bwun destroys every tidy and clean spot I can create in our house, he also likes to feed himself. I try to give him little things he can pick up, and leave the spoon-feeding to me, but today was just one of those days. He was determined to use the spoon not only to put food in his mouth but to scoop food out of the bowl. We tried yogurt.

It was a big, big mess.

This was just the beginning. Really, he'd only had about 2 bites.

Still just barely into the bowl.

That's about when we stopped.

It would have been okay if the Bwun hadn’t finally picked up the little bowl and started waving it around. And dumping it on his pants, which had avoided getting any food on them until that point. Yeah, he had a bath right after I finished taking pictures.

Today's gift

I am so heartbroken that these adorable cookie cutters from Williams-Sonoma are currently sold out. Otherwise, I’d just buy them for myself.

Message-in-a-Cookie Cutters by Williams- Sonoma, via Creature Comforts

In case you aren’t bothering to click the link, the set comes with interchangeable words as well as letters for customizing your message. Please, consider this a real gift idea!

Polarn O. Pyret

I just came across the fabulous Swedish company Polarn O. Pyret. I love their designs but was totally smitten when I saw they have an entire category called “Stripes.” When I went to get some new shirts for the Bwun after Christmas, all 3 shirts I brought home were striped. The Romgi just looked at me and shook his head.


Aside from that little bit of perfection, Polarn O. Pyret has this adorable Little Sis Holiday Dress. Someday I’ll have a little girl, and I’ll dress her in this. Mm.

Terrariums on Etsy

I like the idea of a terrarium – but am too cheap to buy one and too lazy to make one (let alone care for one, regardless of how “easy” they are). Instead I’ve been admiring some of the best, in my opinion, available on Etsy.

By the way, the Romgi just referred to terrariums as “fancy Chia Pets.”

Simple Green Moss Terrarium by teresab123

The Green Garden Terrarium by doodlebirdie

Teacup Terrariums by augury

Three Itty Bitty Terrariums by TortoiseLovesDonkey

The Secret Garden by doodlebirdie

Ohm My Terrarium by JeffreyJamesModern

You may have noticed that I don’t care much for the embellished terrariums – which often include miniature gnomes, deer, toadstools, etc. This is a good example of one I dislike.

(You may have also noticed that the square terrarium costs $300. That’s why it appeared in this post instead of its own Today’s Gift post. I’m so considerate!)