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Final 2009 Stats

In case you were wondering, I did (barely) manage to read 100 books last year, although a good portion of them were picture books. My excuse is that I only started reading picture books after the Bwun was born.


Total number of pages read in 2009:


(That doesn’t include books I re-read, of which there were 5.)

Yes, that does beat my previous record – remember that in 2008 my goal was to set a new record for pages read. I know you must be curious, so here are the results from all years since I started keeping track. (I haven’t a clue how to make a table in WordPress, so you’ll see the year, followed by number of pages, number of books, and average pages per day.)

2004 .  10,758  .  42  .  29.45
2005 .  12,843  .  58  .  35.16
2006 .  7,035  .  26  .  19.26
2007 .  9,080  .  28  .  24.86
2008 .  12,914  .  42  .  35.66
2009 .  20,919  .  95  .  57.27

Overall, I’ve averaged 33.56 pages per day since 2004. Currently there are about 160 books on my to-read list, and it will take me another 4+ years to read them at my current rate. (Of course, if I keep up my 2009 rate, it goes down to 2.5 years!)

There you have it. I read A LOT this past year, more than I thought would really be possible with having the Bwun around. This year I have a much, much easier goal (26 books, with a fun rule about authors) that I hope will make reading a little more enjoyable and a little less stressful.

You may now tell me how impressed you are. And how weird you think I am for keeping a spreadsheet to track my reading. (If you want, I’ll link you to the spreadsheet on Google Docs so you can really believe I’m weird.)


Did you know that the Bwun is so smart, he can type upside down?

Not pictured: the Bwun actually typing something.

And, also, he’s adorable?

Can't argue with that.