Today's real-life gift.

We had a fabulous evening: our neighbors watched the Bwun while we went out for dinner at Spark. If you live in Happy Valley, you really should consider going. The food was beyond perfect, from my alcohol-free berry martini to the flat iron steak to the ruby grapefruit brulee for dessert. (I know it sounds weird, but even the Romgi was impressed, and he hates grapefruit!) Best of all, I had two free hands to cut my food with, and I didn’t have to keep moving my cup away from the Bwun because he wasn’t there.

I adore the Bwun, you know that, but it was so great to have a little break.

We owe a huge thank you to ‘sposita, who generously helped fund our evening out! Come with us next time!

(By the way, the Bwun was apparently an angel for our neighbors, and was so calm they decided we must have drugged him before dropping him off. Really? He was a terror for me all day. And became a terror again as soon as we went to pick him up. Thanks, Bwun.)


3 Comments on “Today's real-life gift.”

  1. sposita says:

    you should probably thank Recession Cone too since he mostly funded it. but the idea was ALL MINE. ;)

    glad you had such a great time, and next time we’re in Happy Valley, we are SO going there with you guys!

  2. KHL says:

    Gee, too bad it’s far away from me. It sounds good.

  3. Katie says:

    I’ve heard of Spark, and really want to go sometime! I’m so happy for you – a whole date all to yourself? No lap or food sharing with the Bwun? Yay! But next time, I want to babysit! ;)

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