The Bwun got ahold of the computer a little earlier this evening. After a series of clicks and keyboard noises I thought it best to see what damage he had wreaked. It turns out he actually just left me a message:


As far as I can tell, he types exactly the way he talks.



I feel like I’m completely missing out on this macaron craze. Should I jump in?

Image by say YES! to hoboken

Here’s what I want to know:

1. What do macarons taste like? Are they really that great?

2. Are they hard to make?

3. Is it worth making them just so I can blog about it?

4. Is the craze dying down, and I ought to skip this one?

5. If you made them, what filling would you use? I’m thinking Nutella.

Today's gift

This is definitely too expensive for me to buy (at least until the Romgi is in some high-paying job and we have no money worries, ever), but I don’t mind dropping a hint for you.

horo necklace by brevity, via Eat Drink Chic