The Candy Shop War

by Brandon Mull

{ 2007 | Shadow Mountain | 358 pgs }

Mull, author of the Fablehaven series, has written a thoroughly delightful book about kids, candy, magic, bad guys, time travel, and more candy. I’m just going to tell you it was great, and leave it at that. Go find a copy! Now!

(Ok, if you have to know more, a candy shop opens in this little town, and the owner, a grandma-type woman, tells this group of four friends that she’ll give them magical candy if they do a favor for her. Foot-in-the-door, people. That’s really all you need to know.)

One Comment on “The Candy Shop War”

  1. romgi says:

    I read this one too and really enjoyed it. If you enjoyed the style of writing of fablehaven, then this is a must read. If you never got into the series, then this is a great chance to read a book by Mull, and get a taste for his style.

    I think when I was describing it to Roni, I said it was like Charlie and the Chocolate factory meets The Witches, but with the style of Fablehaven.

    Good stuff.

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