Princess Academy

by Shannon Hale

{ 2005 | Bloomsbury | 250 pgs }

What looked to be a dreadfully boring, sappy, girly book turned out to be one of the most enjoyable books I read last year. Surprise!

A long time ago, I read Hale’s Goose Girl, and loved it, although now I remember almost nothing about it. I was hesitant to read any of her other work, in case it ruined my opinion of Goose Girl (the same reason I won’t read anything besides the Prydain Chronicles by Lloyd Alexander). But I wish I’d picked up Princess Academy earlier! It had a strong heroine, of course, and believable characters. Perhaps if Hale had chosen a different name for her book, it would draw more readers in. It sounded to me like that Disney movie where Cinderella has to learn how to be a princess. Dumb. Princess Academy is really nothing like that, and I enjoyed the plot twists, even if they were a little bit obvious.

This is another book I won a free copy of, but I’d probably spend money to buy it for myself. At the very least, you might check it out from the library. If you’re into that sort of thing.

P.S. My copy has a different cover – I wish it had this one! Check out the artwork.


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