Product Review: AD Sutton Diaper Bag

I confess: I assume a lot about a mother by the diaper bag she carries. So it wasn’t long after I found out I was pregnant that I started looking for a diaper bag that would communicate everything a person needed to know about me. Stylish (right?), a little quirky (maybe a lot), determined (how does a diaper bag say that?), and above all not polyester from the hospital. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to get a gender-specific bag, so I waited to fall in love with a bag until I knew whether we’d be having a boy or a girl. Then I launched myself whole-heartedly into finding a barrage of products that would tell the world about me (and the baby, of course…). But it was frustrating. Most diaper bags fell into two disappointing categories: (1) too cutesy and (2) too pricey. Sometime around Thanksgiving, I found it. It was perfect. Behold, the AD Sutton & Sons Herringbone Diaper Bag in black. diaperbagI hope you agree that this is a pretty spiffy-looking diaper bag. It easily looks like a large purse instead of a diaper bag; besides, it’s serious enough that I can take it anywhere and feel like it won’t clash with my outfit and won’t make people wonder about my taste.


The specifications on Amazon said the bag measured 6 x 13 x 10 inches. My informal compare-to-a-piece-of-paper measurements came out closer to 6 x 14 x 12 inches. I’m not very good at visualizing dimensions, so let me just say that the diaper bag is spacious. It’s about the size of the large totes that are popular right now, only it looks way better. Obviously.

There are two handles on the top that make it easy to carry as a shoulder bag. One review on Amazon says the straps are impossible to get over your arms. That person must have the most massive arms in the universe, because it’s comfortable for both me and the Romgi to toss over one shoulder and still carry the Bwun. The handles are sturdy and have held up to everything I’ve stuffed in the diaper bag so far.

On the front is a large pocket with a single magnetic clasp. It isn’t very wide; it’s where I keep papers I need with me, my keys, and my sunglasses – the things I want to be able to grab quickly without digging through the whole bag. I also put random items like spare pacifiers, a tiny music box, my phone charger…so while it isn’t a wide pocket, it can definitely hold a lot.

Each side has a pocket. My cell phone goes in one – the side closest to me, so I can answer the phone if it rings while I’m out. Very easy to reach. My iPod usually goes in the other side, but sometimes I’ll put a bottle or a small camera. These side pockets are quite accessible and perfect for gadgets.

Now, the inside. There are 3 large open pockets (each roughly the size of the outside side pockets), a zippered pocket of equal size, a mesh pocket on each side (where the outside side pockets are), and 3 elastic straps that I imagine could secure bottles. The rest of the interior is empty for whatever I can think to toss in. In fact, I guess the measurements of the inside are probably 6 x 13 x 10 inches. That makes more sense. Ah. And honestly, that’s a lot of room.

What usually goes into my diaper bag – interior only:

I’ve also been known to add in a church lesson manual, scriptures, notebooks, books, a large camera, makeup, candy, shoes for the Bwun…while I doubt all of those would fit at once, this diaper bag is plenty big without being overwhelming.

I love my diaper bag. I couldn’t be happier with the style, the build, or the capacity. I bought it from Amazon for $29.99 just after Christmas; it isn’t currently available through them, but you can order one from Go Daddy Marketplace for $49.99.


One Comment on “Product Review: AD Sutton Diaper Bag”

  1. that is a super cute bag! Thank you for the review :) I hope to find one for the $20 you paid for it…I am going to keep my eye out! I am kinda addicted to purses and bags…I currently have 3 working diaper bags, but none as stylish as this :)

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