The Da Vinci Code

by Dan Browndavinci
{ 2003 | Doubleday | 454 pgs }

The other night I spent 5 hours reading The Da Vinci Code for part of the Countdown Challenge I didn’t finish on time. Here is a partial list of other things I could have done instead:

  • slept
  • baked, decorated, and eaten a cake
  • sifted through the neighbors’ trash
  • composed a sonnet
  • unraveled the blanket I’ve been crocheting
  • made a paper mache house out of 454 pages of…some book
  • completed my giant crossword
  • crashed pots to make the Bwun wake up
  • listen to the Bwun scream for 5 hours
  • read the remaining 8 chapters of my Social Psychology book
  • done a headstand
  • walked on hot coals…in the backyard?
  • hiked the Y alone at night
  • scrubbed the bathroom floor
  • caught up on the Romgi’s law school reading
  • counted the perforations in our ugly laminate wall
  • memorized pi to 100 digits
  • hitchhiked to St. George
  • played Wind Waker through again –

– ok, that was heartbreaking. Yes, it’s true, rather than play my favorite game I voluntarily read The Da Vinci Code in its entirety.

My apologies to Nintendo. It’s a sin I won’t commit again.


3 Comments on “The Da Vinci Code”

  1. romgi says:

    so you liked it, right?

  2. Diane says:

    Wow that is devotion :) I love that feeling about books, ones you want to read so bad you sacrifice other fun activities :) Diane

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