There are a lot of fears involved in preparing to be a parent, I’ve discovered. But the Romgi and I tend to have very different types of fears.

He is afraid our baby will have two heads.

When he first brought this up, I promptly told him what a ridiculous and unlikely thing this was, so he sent me a link to a 1912 New York Times article about a two-headed baby. I figured if the best argument he could come up with was almost a century old, I could dismiss it.

Well, today the Romgi has politely pointed out that recently a two-headed baby was born in Bangladesh. And that it died soon after birth.

Ok, fine. I’ll admit that two-headed babies exist. But I will also vouch for the fact that our baby has only one head!

And, to be fair, here’s my biggest fear (equally ridiculous, I’m sure): the baby won’t like me.


9 Comments on “Concession”

  1. Rachel says:

    i’m sure the baby will have one head and she will like you too. Well….utill she gets old enough to talk. I have noticed, now that I hang out with other moms, that kids can have attitude…but i’m not going to worry about it. I’m just enjoying things right now while she is a cute little baby who loves everyone. no worries…it will be fine.

  2. Bethany says:

    Your baby will LOVE you! It will love you even before it is born. I love my babies even though they frustrate me sometimes and I tend to frustrate them, well Luke anyway.

  3. Kendy says:

    Well, I think the baby not liking you is less likely than having two heads. But think of it like this: even if by some chance she, at some point in her life, doesn’t like you, you can make it into some kind of great adventure and bonding experience… okay, it just really reminded me of Marlin from Finding Nemo worrying. And you’re a million times more awesome than Marlin, so I don’t think you need to worry. I love you and I’m not sure your girl will, too.

  4. Brian says:

    Oh, do we already know it’s a she? I have been trying to catch up on this blog, I must have missed that part.

    Then again, perhaps Kendy is just projecting her psychic abilities and knows something we don’t.

    I’ll keep reading to find out.

    (And did you notice I used my real name for a change?)

  5. roni says:

    No, we don’t know – but I’ll find out tomorrow. I think Kendy is just trying the odds.

    (I did notice – you couldn’t come up with anything clever that time? It’s one of my favorite things about your comments! Oh well…)

  6. Something Clever This Way Comes says:

    Of course I could have come up with something clever; I was mostly identifying myself in case Kendy stumbles across my comment. Otherwise, you’re the only one who knows who the clever name really protects!

  7. A fun exercise for you says:

    Since you’re constantly having to come up with lists, how about this one? Compile a list of all the names I’ve used so far on this site.

    I’m not sure I even remember all of them! “He-who-must-not-remember-his-own-name”

  8. Not Kendy says:

    Why is it that even when the odds are 50/50, it still FEELS like the odds are against you?

    Nice try, Kendy. Better luck next time. (What’s that, Roni? You hadn’t even started thinking about next time yet? Well, little Mustafa Mustafic is going to need a playmate! Oh, and that reminds me, it’s a good thing our baby was a girl—the one born in July, I mean—because had it been a boy I wanted to name him Louis Luís Lewis. Luísa Louise Lewis would have worked as well, but I didn’t get to pick a girls’ name.)

  9. Kendy says:

    Rachel, the first commenter, used “she” and I followed suit… sorry for the confusion, people!

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