Lizard update

I know everyone has been desperately following this story, so I bet no one was expecting the sudden mid-season actor change: yesterday we went to the Wasatch Reptile Expo in Salt Lake and have decided to return The Little Guy, since we bought a baby orange-yellow bearded dragon for super cheap.

Now, you may be thinking, why get a different type of lizard? Doesn’t that require another cage? Well, yes, but bearded dragons are amazingly mellow, grow slowly enough to not need a big cage for a while, and really don’t get all that big. We still have a little 10-gallon cage from when the Romgi had anoles, and the beardie seems to really like the setup.

His name?

Remington Steele.

And before you ask, yes, I have pictures!


One Comment on “Lizard update”

  1. 'sposita says:

    excellent name. but i’d have to say he’s not quite as cute as the original.

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