Totally Worth It

At the end of the sales year, the company I work at throws a big banquet where the top sales representatives are acknowledged, and rewarded. I’m not really sure why people from the office are invited. It might be because they feel guilty having a big party and not inviting us, but regardless the reason, we were invited.

With the lure of free dinner, and the promise of door prizes, Roni and I showed up for what would become the longest evening ever. The setup looked quite nice, and as we entered, we got our ticket for the door prize raffle. The prizes included a range of items, from a camera to a plasma TV.
We were sitting close to where the food was being served, so our table naturally figured that we were going to be among the first to be served. However, we were not. In fact, I think that we were the last table to get our food for every course of the meal. It wasn’t because the servers were trained to go to the farthest table first, because there were tables that were even closer than we were who got their food first. It was like the servers just forgot about us until somebody thought, “I wonder why we have an entire table’s worth of extra food?”
Rotten luck, right? Well, Even at our table, I was consistently the last person to get my food. I kept telling myself (and everybody else) that I was just saving up my luck for winning one of the door prizes.

After dinner, the official End of the Year event started. Basically, this consisted of people going up the mic and saying “I just want to say a couple of things about (insert person’s name here).” And then they would talk for 20 minutes. In order to make sure that nobody left early, they didn’t hold the raffle for all of the door prizes at once. Instead, they spread it out over the course of the whole evening.
Around 10:30, Roni and I thought we were going to die. DIE. I am pretty sure the event was schedule to run until 9:30. The food (whic

h was actually quite good) had stopped coming out around 9:00. We were bored; we were hungry. The final speaker had given her “closing remarks” and was on her way back to her table, when another person stood up and said, “I would just like to say a few words more about (insert name of person that he ALREADY SPENT 20 MINUTES TALKING ABOUT).

All of the raffles had been drawn at this point, and Roni and I were about to make a break for the exit. We would have gone kicking and screaming if necessary. All of the raffles except for one. There was a 42 inch plasma TV that they had not raffled, and the slim hope that we might win it was all that kept us at our table.

Finally, the speaker stopped, and announced that it was time for the final raffle. They drew the number, and slowly read it. All the numbers matched! We won! We are now the proud owners of a $800 TV that we paid exactly nothing for! Needless to say, having to stay the whole time didn’t feel quite so bad after that :). We also got a $50 gift certificate to PF Chang’s and a free sweatshirt.

The moral of the story? I guess you could say it is just like that old man who lost his horse!

It Is On the Way

I have had the money saved up to buy the iPod touch for a couple of months now. I could have gone out and purchased the 8GB iPod touch right then, but I wanted to wait. I know that Apple updates their iPod lineup every year in September. I figured I had been saving up for 9 months, and I could wait a few more months until the newest version comes out.

The new version of the iPod touch looks great, and as a couple of added features that I was really looking forward to. I think that the wait was worth it! My brand new 16GB iPod touch (thank goodness for the price drops!) will be arriving on Monday!

And So It Ends

Well folks, the unthinkable has happened. Since my last correspondence with club live, I had been patiently waiting for an email confirmation that my zune had shipped; I never received such an email.

Apparently, that did not deter Live Search Club from sending it out anyways. My parents were confused when a package arrived for me a few days ago. They sent it home with Besta, and Besta tried to get a hold of me.

Sadly, I was at a LSAT prep class when they called. Happily, Roni was able to get the message. When I came home from my class, Roni said that Besta wanted us to go to their place. She did not allude as to the reason. I was very surprised, relieved, and happy to discover a package shipped from Live Search Club!

After nearly 8 months of waiting, I was finally able to get the zune. And my verdict? I’ve decided to keep it. Despite being made by microsoft, it is actually a pretty cool little mp3 player. I really like that they allowed me to update to the latest firmware without having to pay. I don’t have a very big music collection, and so 30 GB is more than enough space to store pretty much all of my music. I guess it wasn’t a scam after all!

The Next Chapter

Looking at that title, you are probably thinking that this entry is going to be about graduating from college or something. Well, sorry to disappoint, but that is not what got me to blog. Rather, this is the next chapter in my saga with Microsoft’s Live Search Club.

It was brought to my attention a few days ago that Microsoft had once again put the Zune on the list of prizes for Club Live participants. This made me wonder if they were no longer out of stock, which they had previously claimed. So, I decided that this would be an opportune time to email them once again about the status of my order. I emailed Club Live on Friday, and to my great surprise, I got a response today. It said:

Dear Live Search Club Participant,

Thank you for contacting Live Search Club Support. We are pleased to announce we have your backordered prize back in stock and will be shipping soon. We are shipping out within the next 3 weeks, when your item ships you will receive your 2nd confirmation e-mail will any necessary shipping and tracking information.

Kind Regards,

Live Search Club Support

The first thing I noticed that set this email apart from the others I have received is that there is nothing ominous about it. It doesn’t say “if we decide you aren’t the scum of the earth” or anything like it. This has gotten me pretty hopeful that I may indeed receive a soon.

Live Search Club Saga Continues (indefinitely)

I don’t know how many of you have been following my Club Live story. I have been periodically emailing Club Live, in hopes that I will someday be allowed to get an update on my order. Well the latest email from them isn’t really any more satisfying:

Dear Live Search Club Participant,

Thank you for contacting Live Search Club Support. Unfortunately, your prize(s), due to popular demand, is/are on back order and we have no estimated shipping date. Please note, after an order is placed, it is then processed for compliance with our Terms and Conditions for fair game play. After an order is processed and found to be in compliance, you will receive a second shipping confirmation email with any relevant shipping and tracking information

Kind Regards,

Live Search Club Support

So, I picked a popular prize. I really wonder when (and if) I will ever be getting my Zune. I placed my order about six months ago now, and they are just now telling me that they have no idea when it will actually ship. I guess I should count my blessings though, at least they didn’t accuse me of being a cheater.

Maybe Just a Little Bit Judgmental

I know that it is a little judgmental of me to think this way… but I can’t help it. Whenever I see a teenage girl carrying around an iPhone, I hear in my head, “spoiled brat, spoiled brat, spoiled brat, spoiled brat.” I am OK with adults having them, even if they are mostly a status symbol. But there is something wrong with a teenager having a toy that at a minimum costs $1800 (if you factor in the two year contract).

Bad Scam or Just a Bad Idea

Some of you may recall my brilliant idea of getting a Zune through the Live Search Club sponsored by Microsoft. You may also recall that I earned enough points through their system to cash them in for a Zune.

Though I did earn the points required, and spent nearly six hours a day for a month earning those points, it now seems that I may never get the promised product. The Zune was supposedly to ship from Club Live on, or around, November 5. Well, when November 5th came and went without so much as a peep from Club Live, I figured I would wait a little longer. After all, it did say that it could take up to 12 months for the Zune to arrive at my house.

By the time 12 weeks had passed, and I still had no news about the Zune, I figured I would investigate the matter a little further. It turns out that I was supposed to get an email from club live when the Zune shipped. I contacted the lovely people at club live to see what the deal was with my order. I was greeted with an automated response to my inquiry.

Now, I really started to get a little suspicious. So I googled it, and it turns out that a lot of people have had the same thing happen to them. A lot of people legitimately earned the points required, and ordered the prize they had been hoping for. When these people emailed Club Live asking about the status of the order, they got an email that basically said, “Thank you for your interest in the Live Search Club games. Your order has been canceled because you cheated to get the points.”

How lame is that? I was really worried that I would get a similar email as a response. A few days ago, I noticed that I had an email from Club Live in my email inbox. I opened it, fully expecting to be notified that my order had been canceled.

Dear Live Search Club Participant,

Thank you for contacting Live Search Club Support. At this time, we are contacting our supplier for the status of your order. Your patience is appreciated as we will get back to you as soon as possible. In some instances, this may take up to 10 business days.

Please note, after your order is processed and is found to be in compliance with our Terms and Conditions ( for fair game play as well as no duplicate software or hardware order, you will receive a confirmation email with any relevant shipping information. Upon review, all orders that are not in compliance with our Terms and Conditions, are cancelled. As noted in our Terms and Conditions, please allow 12 weeks for delivery of any prize order.

Kind Regards,

Live Search Club Support

I guess that my order isn’t completely hopeless after all. But it still seems a little bit shady to me. I’m not going to get my hopes up until I get that email from them confirming that they have shipped my Zune. To me it seems as if they are saying, “We haven’t found a reason to cancel your order yet, but we are trying to find a reason. Give us about 10 days and we will get back to you.”