Weekly World News

Lest you think that I’m changing direction of my blog from Mika-esque to Mika-profound…

Weekly World News is not being published anymore!!

This is a very bad thing. In case you don’t know, Weekly World News is a periodical full of off-the-wall “true” stories (it proclaims itself to be The World’s Only Reliable Newspaper), like “Mother Nature Endorses Al Gore for President!” The Romgi (thanks, ‘sposita, for the new name) and I used to pick up a copy at the grocery store every few months for entertainment.

But according to MSNBC.com, WWN will publish its last issue in August, and after that it will no longer be available in newsstands.

Mourn with us!


One Comment on “Weekly World News”

  1. 'sposita says:

    i’m glad you like the nickname!

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