Carcasses strewn everywhere

That got your attention, didn’t it?

Ok, the carcasses were actually very small wooden people-shaped things (except the Romgi got a decapitated one somehow). We played a fun new game last night and actually had company over! This was a big deal. Perhaps even more amazing: the apartment looked clean!

But we have found fellow Arrested Development fans – married fans, at that. A lot of the people here at work like the show but they are enjoying the single life and don’t really care to spend time with “old folk” who go to bed before ten. I remember those days…but I can’t say that being married and going to bed at ten is in any way a bad thing.

At any rate, I may have liked Carcassonne but I’m still wary of Se^lers of Wherever. That will take some convincing.

Until then, I’ve cleaned up the carcasses and put them back in their box.


2 Comments on “Carcasses strewn everywhere”

  1. Bethany VH says:

    Good thing you put them back in their box. They’d probably stink if you left them out. Settlers of whereever is a fairly fun game. I prefer playing it with people who aren’t die-hard players of the game, they take it too seriously. It’s kind of fun. Have you ever heard of the game guillotine?

  2. Recession Cone says:

    I like both Settlers and Carcassonne. Next time we pilgrimage to Utah, we’ll have to play a game or two. =)

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